We're not your Grandpa's mints!



Move over antacids... Uncle Jed's Mellow Belly Mints are delicious soothers to freshen your breath while the unique blend of herbs help to calm upset stomach, minor heartburn symptoms and other digestive issues. They work to relieve the discomfort while allowing the body to do what its supposed to do!

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Six years ago we started creating something special.
Our hand-crafted pastilles are made in small batches with certified organic herbs and sugar, designed to soothe the belly without inhibiting the body's natural digestion.



Our Mellow Belly Mints might look familiar, but we guarantee they are NOT your Grandpa's mints! Enjoy a couple after a spicy meal, coffee, or just because you may want to freshen up! The burst of mint with the soothing herb blend will give you exactly what you need to calm the belly and breath.

Available in 1 oz. bags, bulk and wholesale


Look for our sugar-free organic Mellow Belly Mints!

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Lauren and Jed Wilson are the creative team behind Uncle Jed's Mellow Belly Mints.


Like many entrepreneurs, they were inspired by their real-world experience. Their daughter was born in 1998 and like many babies, she suffered from reflux, which made her not only spit up, but caused her great digestive pain. A visit to the doctor left them with a prescription for a PPI, a drug that inhibits the production of stomach acid. It has been determined that among other side effects, use of gastric acid inhibitors has been associated with an increased risk for development of gastroenteritis and permanent damage to the digestive system. As an adult now, their daughter suffers from chronic heartburn, acute stomach pain and digestive distress.  No one should have to suffer like that.

In 2011, Lauren became a holistic health practitioner, hoping to find a better solution to helping her daughter without subjecting her to a lifetime of antacids and other OTC drugs. 

Through the study of natural medicine, she learned ancient healing herbs and their uses

for all manner of ailments with an emphasis on digestion.

Lauren and Jed began working together on tinctures and herbal blends for digestive teas, but needed something more portable... Small peppermint candies were the answer. After 6 years of perfecting their recipes and methods, they are ready to present Uncle Jed's Mellow Belly Mints to the world. These hand-crafted pastilles are made in small batches with certified organic herbs and sugar, and they're specially made to soothe the belly

without inhibiting the body's natural digestion.

Currently, you can find their amazing mints at farmer's markets and specialty stores.

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Uncle Jed's Mellow Belly Mints are a pregnant lady's prayers answered. I've been using them for several weeks now and have not taken one antacid... NOT ONE! They are refreshing and light and not chalky. Everyone including people with the worse acid reflux should try these they are amazing!

Ashley Bird

My husband loves them and wants a bag for both cars, the house, and at both our jobs! They are already becoming a necessity in our house 😊😊

Kayla Tibbits

It’s going to be fun today at the day job! Thank you @unclejedmints for these amazing mints that are making my day! 


#awesome #health #selfcare

Pepper DeLuca

I had a horrible belly weekend and not until my 2nd day did I remember my Mellow Belly mints in my house,

purse and office - DUH. So, I took one and within about 15 minutes my belly calmed and I felt much better!
Thanks Uncle Jed!!! 😉🤗

Kris Weir

These Mellow Belly Mints have been a literal life saver. I suffer from severe GERD and having these simple little mints on hand make acute flare ups so much easier to deal with. Thanks Uncle Jed!

Sarah Mason



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